Issue 38: What’s New

 Spring 2015 Edition


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Google Maps GIS Navigation directions to facilitate your journey through this issue:

From: Your Location in Space and Time

To: The end of the Opinion8ed2, Highway 38

1. imageProceed directly to Blab Money by clicking on this blue link or selecting the link on the menu to the right. Do not pass Go. This historical imagining, based on a true story and assorted approximate facts takes you to Italy and back.


2. brooklyn superbas happy smith baseball cardWhen you are done you may return here by throwing it into reverse and clicking your Back button or selecting the Issue 38 tab on the right…of course you may take the shortcut and save 30 seconds by selecting this post using the right hand menu.    In either case, follow road signs from the airport through the Time Travel Tunnel to Brooklyn’s Washington Park Stadium in 1910 where you’ll find Happy Smith reporting on his first day of Spring training in  Baseballs and Matzoh Balls, Chapter 6 of the continuing saga of Happy Smith Goes to Brooklyn.  If you want to catch up on the previous chapters you can find them by clicking on the Categories tab to the right and then select Sports from the pull down menu.


jonny_donahoe_in_a_scene_from_every_brilliant_thing3. Come back through the Time Travel Tunnel but exit in March 2015 and take the Brooklyn Bridge to the Barrow St Theater in lower Manhattan so you can catch the brilliant, Every Brilliant Thing before it closed a few weeks ago.


4. hamilton posterFinally, return through the Time Travel Tunnel where you’ll enter the traffic circle that takes you past the late 18th century to get a glimpse of Hamilton, our nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury and subject of  Lin-Manuel Miranda’s latest classic musical at the Public Theater. You may also pass the trucks hauling the sets uptown in preparation for its reopening on Broadway this summer.


Happy trails, hope you enjoy the journey and drive carefully!


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