Issue 10: What’s New

First Posted: April 11, 2010



Dear Patrons, Welcome to Issue No. 10, the First Anniversary Issue of Opinion8ed… I didn’t really know how this experiment would turn out when it first began but it’s been a busy year with lots of cultural experiences and changes in the political winds to reflect on.

Some issues came together gradually, simmering gently until done – others (like the best fresh corn on the cob) seemed to go right from the field into the pot and onto the plate within (what seemed like) seven minutes. Either way, the chef has strived to present a varied, interesting, tasty, and nutritious menu. Realizing the clientele can get overwhelmed with too many choices and can’t afford to eat out every night, rewriting the menu about ten times per year seems about right.

If you were ordering the usual, it would include a mix of theater, film, book, and music reviews with a side of politics. Specials have included stories on the catch of the day Gyotaku (fish prints) and memorable lobster dinners served with interviews of both artists and authors. Occasionally the chef has featured an original short story creation, either fiction or non-fiction for our vegan customers. Fresh baked desserts have included reviews of some of the most delectable confections ever confected. So hopefully this “food schmooze” has whet your appetite…

Issue #10 features:

· Two concerts featuring very different musical genres were held at Brookhaven National Lab (BNL, where I work) a couple of weeks ago. I had the pleasure of helping promote/produce The Crooked Road bluegrass concert which turned out to be a big success and loads of fun – 175 people showed up to hear a wonderful collection of musicians demonstrate that this authentic American roots music is alive and well (High Energy Music Collides at BNL Part I). The next night the house was packed for another type of authentically American music – jazz, interpreted through the eyes of the great French gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt and performed by Long Island native Frank Vignola and his Hot Club band (High Energy Music Collides at BNL Part II) .

· The question of loyalty is examined in The BIG Fan, a high quality sleeper of a movie that was out in the Fall, didn’t attract much attention, and is now out on DVD.

· A Tale of Two Plays: Mr. and Mrs. Fitch Fall on Hard Times – is a review of two Off-Broadway plays that take place in different centuries and continents and thematically have absolutely nothing in common…but it was fun to “compare and contrast” them anyway (somewhere my 10th grade English teacher is smiling). One gem, one dud.

· Despite some false starts Obama and the Democratic Congress are beginning to make real incremental progress which has enraged and emboldened the right. What his first year in office has taught us is that we can’t sit back and assume change will come easily. Congressman Tim Bishop, a progressive Democrat in the traditionally conservative First Congessional District has become a lightning rod for the Tea Baggers. His current re-election campaign will be his toughest yet… but we can’t afford to lose him – read about Why Tim Bishop Needs Your Help.

Bon appetite!


Paul Kalb, your head chef, sous chef, pastry chef, baker, maitre d’, waiter, bus boy and chief bottle washer

Breaking News: Four more people read this issue as documented in the Emails to the Editor section (way down at the bottom of the menu list)

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