Issue 11: What’s New

First Posted: September 8, 2010 

Sunrise from our bedroom window on the Cape

Another summer’s come to an end and with a little unexpected extra time on my hands another action packed and eclectic issue of Opinion8ed has come together

Back in Issue #8 I ruminated about the appeal of round number anniversaries for landmark events in our lives and how certain memories tend to be better preserved than others. Well, earlier this summer my 40th high school reunion snuck into town and you can join me down memory lane once again in It Was 40 Years Ago Today.

Those of you who know me understand my love of things mechanical and this issue debuts a new column called the Gadget Guru Review. The focus of this issue’s GGR is The Rabbit Corkscrew: A Simply Elegant Machine. We go behind the scenes to learn about the science of corkscrews, where the Rabbit’s revolutionary new design originated, and where it fits in relation to all corkscrews that have gone before.

There’s an awful lot of crap in movie theaters and television these days (I guess there always has been) – so why not expand the horizons and go back to let’s say 1982. In a compact PBS American Playhouse production Who Am I This Time, director Jonathan Demme brilliantly adapts Kurt Vonnegut’s O’Henry style short story for the screen. Just like your favorite gelato place, I’ve included a clip of the film to try for free.

Finally, I alluded to having some unexpected time on my hands. That’s because I’m celebrating the end of summer with a terrible, horrible no good very bad and unusually potent lower respiratory infection which gives me legal authority to kvetch in the first degree (500 words or less). Please join me for Sick Man Walking – it’s no fun to kvetch by yourself.

Just a quick housekeeping message [related to the former version of Opinion8ed]… it’s come to the attention of the publisher that folks viewing this site using their Firefox browser are seeing a messy hodge podge of assorted fonts and font sizes which is certainly not how it was laid out and thus reflects poorly on yours truly. FYI, this does not seem to be the case with Explorer or Safari (those are the only three I’ve tested so far). Unfortunately if this is happening to you, the current fix is: switch browsers.

Enjoy the journey and as always, keep your cards and emails coming. Don’t forget to stop by the emails to the editor store before returning home


Paul Kalb, Registered Tour Guide


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention… Kudos to our good friend and talented artist Jack Schwartz (aka Jaxsfish) for the full page NY Times article (and as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz says, Photos too!) about his Gyotaku fish prints. In case you missed it you can check it out at:

Toot toot: This represents the first and likely only time Opinion8ed has scooped the NYT (Jaxsfish Prints).

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