Issue 23: What’s New

Published Jan.16, 2012

Welcome back and happy new year!  Another year, another 33 posts for a total of 97 articles posted and 70 reader comments but who’s counting?  Well, WordPress actually… According to my annual review:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people.  Opinion8ed2 was viewed about 4,100 times in 2011.  If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

Enough nostalgia.  Time to turn the page (or click the ebook page turn button) and start fresh with Issue 23, which features an artful 5 course Prix Fixe menu:

For starters, we turn our attention to the corporate art of making record profits while laying off workers as the Republicans continue to push for lower taxes for the nation’s “job creators” in Job Destroying Corporate   Greed.

Oreo cookie cameos

Next, try to refrain from sinking your teeth into the “eclectical” delectable art, created from processed foods by artist/sculptor, Judith G. Klausner in Hey Kids – Stop Eating the Artwork!  Judith uses unique materials to explore provocative themes and the “small beauty lost to us through prejudice or oversight” 

Plus,  Judith was kind enough to spend some time with us for an exclusive interview, Artist/Sculptor Judith G. Klausner Speaks with Opinion8ed2 where she talks of her inspirations, unique techniques, and her latest creations.

Chad Harbach swings for the fences with his first novel, The Art of Fielding and in making just about everyone’s top 10 Books of 2011 has seemingly hit a grand slam.  And while it definitely scored some runs, in the view of Opinion8ed2, it was a bit of a wind-assisted shot that just cleared the short porch in right.

And for desert, a review of some food you most certainly can eat (although in the literal sense better suited as an entrée).   Check out the five star fast food restaurant chain that serves nutritious and tasty fare at reasonable prices in The Art of Eating, Part IV.
The results from the Opinion8ed poll posted in Issue 22 are in… 83% of you replied that you approved of the new photo border that adorns the left and right side of the screen while 17% said they liked the concept but not that particular photo.  So, the sidebar photo stays for now…Thanks for your feedback!
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  1. I have been searching and seeking issue 24 – to no avail.
    You must know we all miss your publication. Is anything
    wrong? Shirl Evans

    Editors response: thanks Shirl, I have been wondering about that myself! I looked under the bed, in the freezer, and in the garage but can’t find the damned thing anywhere. Could foul play be at work? I was thinking about filing a Missing Issue Report with the Blog Police, but decided it would be more fun to sponsor a Where In the World is Issue 24? contest. I look forward to receiving some creative ideas on where the bugger is hiding or being held against it’s will…but rest assured, as soon as it’s located a hot and steamy copy will be shipped to your inbox post haste.


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