Issue 55

Get Over It!




Forgive me if this rant is familiar. It’s been smoldering on a continuous loop in my head for months now, but every time I see or hear snarky comments about President Dumpster’s victory it fans the flames.

Please don’t tell us to “Stop whining”, “Get used to it!”, or “Get over it.” Doing so equates it to sour grapes that one normally feels when their candidate suffers defeat. This is not just another loss, another peaceful transition of power. No, this is very different.

imageIt’s different than any of the former GOP presidential victories over the past 50 years. Democrats of my age have suffered through losses to Nixon, Reagan, and Bush squared. There’s the inevitable heavy disappointment and concern for the future. But the transition period which gives the nation some time to adjust and recover helps put things in perspective. We would eventually circle the wagons to try to envision strategies for bi-partisan cooperation so the wheels of government could proceed, albeit in a less desirable direction. Life goes on. Presidents move on and are replaced.

By the time Inauguration Day rolls around we too are usually ready to move on. But not this time. Many said as soon as Trump won the nomination he’d moderate his rhetoric. They said he’d move from the extreme right closer to the center during the campaign. But candidate Trump maintained his ultra conservative views.. Whether it was building the wall, banning Muslims from entering the country, disparaging women, inciting hatred at his rallies or attracting White Supremacists, he doubled down on his agenda and whipped up a frenzy with White working and middle-class voters.

imageBy his continued inflammatory tweets and his gang of billionaires and incompetents he nominated for cabinet appointments we have come to realize he means what he has been saying all along. Inauguration Day merely put the final seal on the package. President Trump has been in office for a mere few hours and he’s already removed mention of climate change from the White House web site and used executive power to undermine Obamacare.

imageThe threats to world peace, the environment, public schools, minorities, LGBTQ community, women, freedom of the press, and on and on as a result of his ultra right agenda are all very REAL. No other president in our history was aided by the meddling of a foreign adversary.

This is just not normal. This is an unstable, vindictive narcissist who is a threat to our democracy.  We will not get used to it. We will never abide. We will resist every day with all the strength we can muster. The very future of the planet literally depends on it.


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  1. Your going up against some politically sound minds there, my friend…Bruce Willis, Mike Tyson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and puny David Duke, not to mention all the Republican swallows that’ve returned to Capitol Hill with a renewed courage to support Trump after an election year of “no comment” when urged by the GOP to disavow him in a letter signed by 30 former lawmakers calling him a mockery. Are you sure you’re up for it?
    Is it save enough to say that this cream puff will be more fun than Spiro Agnew without taking away from the seriousness of it all? I’ll answer my own question. No, given how grossly I underestimated the volume of grey matter in our fair land and Trump’s inability to capture the office even electorally.

    Editor’s response: Thanks Andy, Got no choice of course. But seems to me that his moat is very shallow and his wall made out of mud cakes. I expect that he’ll face serious opposition from the establishment GOP who are ready to storm the palace and install their own, more obedient but equally ultra right president to do their bidding. Either way, we’ve got a long road ahead.


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