Issue 22: What’s New

Our favorite menorah, Chanukah 2011

Published: December 27, 2011

The holiday season is full of memories…  such as the tradition we started with our kids to dedicate each night of Chanukah to someone or something meaningful as part of the candle lighting ceremony… and to my childhood days when I was jealous of my Gentile friend and his Christmas traditions so my folks made sure to save a Chanukah gift for me to open on Christmas day.  But since we had no tree (they weren’t going that far), the gift was wrapped and waiting for me underneath the dining room table (?)… Best wishes for happy holiday season and a healthy, just, and peaceful new year.

In this issue join Opinion8ed for dinner and a movie plus a Broadway-bound musical and some interesting leftovers the next day:

  • Earl Sheib Goes 3D examines Hollywood’s latest commercial scheme that is squeezing new profits from properties in their vaults by slapping a coat of 3D paint on them and rolling them back out for another go around (plus a review of Hugo 3D)
  •  D.N.R. Roll at the Morgue is a slide show of a very interesting looking dinner roll we took home with the leftovers from a recent pizza dinner.

So for this holiday issue I’m experimenting with some new on-line publishing toys WordPress left under my dining room table.  The first is the option for adding a photo border on each side of the blog – I chose my Opinion8ed Goes to the Wading River Beach shot, which has some interesting color and texture to it.  The next is a technique through PollDaddy to get your opinion on things which has a nifty auto tally feature so I figured I’d launch this new interactive feature by asking what you think of the new border.   If this works we’ll try it for more substantive Opinion8ed2 polls in the future.  Meanwhile take a second to vote by choosing the multiple choice answer below and clicking on the Vote button below.  No hanging chads, no photo I.D. required.


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