Issue 26: What’s New

Published Sept. 9, 2012

Most of the time we go through life experiencing history looking backward, as a subject in school (to make us “good citizens”) or as entertainment on the cable TV channel of the same name.  Changes often occur slowly and in small increments and thus go unnoticed.

There are moments in our lives that transcend however; moments in which it is immediately apparent that things will never be the same again.  And once in a while our actions or inactions actually affect how things turn out. The 2012 elections represent such a precipice.

  • Tale of Two Conventions: Hate vs. Hope– In what amounts to a trial on Barack Obama’s presidency, Republican prosecutors fail to present credible evidence on policy initiatives while the Democrats, fully cognizant that there is so much more to do, have been able to point to real improvements

 City of Thieves is a thrilling novel by David Benioff set during the siege of Leningrad – the Soviet Union desperately trying to hold off Hitler’s onslaught.  Death and starvation abound yet Benioff manages to convey a human and humorous story.

And ending on a lighter note, I recently had an opportunity to sample the most expensive coffee beans in the world.  Share a cup with me  in The Art of Eating, Chapter VI .

PS:  The article in last Opinion8ed2 entitled, R.A. Dickey Can’t Get No Respect seemingly inspired the NY Times to publish an editorial on the Mets pitcher’s incredibly successful and unlikely season. You can read it at:  (  Dickey now leads the league with most wins at 18 with only 4 losses.

Never Forgotten…

Photo © Timothy A. Clary-Pool/Getty Images

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  1. Whassup, Opinion8ed2?

    Editor’s response: rousing and returning from hibernation soon…


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