Issue 28: What’s New

Published: Feb 15, 2013


Aftermath of winter storm Nemo which left 24 – 30″ of snow in its wake

Engraving of Captain Nemo viewing a giant squi...

Captain Nemo viewing a giant squid through a porthole from Jules Vernes’ 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

We finally finished shoveling out from the effects of record-breaking Captain Nemo which visited Wading River (and a good portion of the Northeast) leaving 24 – 30″ of snow in its wake.  When did they start naming winter storms anyway?  Have to send a loud shout out to thank whoever stole my poor excuse of a snow blower (in retrospect more like a snow puffer) a couple of years back (Opinion8ed2 Issue 15) forcing me to replace it with a serious turbo charged snow hurling monster with heated handle bar grips.  Man, can this thing throw!  I wound up clearing a total of about 86 tons of snow from my 75′ driveway on both Friday night (thanks to the Halogen headlamp) after getting about 8″ and then again in the morning after Nemo dumped an additional 20″ on us.   We have quite a bit of damage to shrubs and small trees that couldn’t take the weight of the ice and snow but escaped anything more serious like the huge tree limb that came down on our neighbor’s house.

ReidPresident Obama has taken the oath for his second term and with the issues of immigration, gun control, and leveling the economic playing field, he has quite a bit of wind at his back.  You would think that closing ranks to capitalize on this momentum is a no brainer, but Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid doesn’t seem to get it.  Check out In Name Only and weigh in with your thoughts.

supermarket cartoonThe Other Place is a new Broadway play that deals with the impacts of memory loss on patients and their families.  As I’ve recently hit the milestone birthday that officially marks Senior Moment territory, in Stalled Out on Memory Lane,  I wonder out loud about the workings and failings of the memory warehouse in our brains.

brain image To better understand where normal memory loss ends and clinically diagnosable dementia begins Opinion8ed2 spoke with the head of the Memory Care Clinic in Asheville, NC,  established to provide appropriate assessment, treatment, and support for memory-impaired individuals and their families.  Don’t forget to check out Understanding Dementia: Interview with Dr. Virginia Templeton

Red Farm spring rolls

Red Farm spring rolls

Back in Issue 23, I did a story (Hey Kids, Stop Eating the Artwork) about a young artist, Judith Klausner, who uses food as one media to make art.  In this issue, I report on restauranteurs Ed Schoenfeld and chef Joe Ng, who are using artistic sensibility to prepare Chinese food at Red Farm (Hudson St. in the West Village) that is both aesthetic and delectable.  Take a short tour of their “gallery” in The Art of Eating, Chapter VIII.

IMG_4133And finally, some miscellaneous ramblings including a contest to help solve the mystery of “Who Put Queen Elizabeth inside my Laptop?” in Odds & Ends.

Happy Trails and drive safely,



For those waiting to hear the results of the What’s In a Name? Opinion8ed2 poll from Issue 27 (to help choose an appropriate moniker for my new role as grandfather), the overwhelming winner at 35% of the vote was: “Other Answer”.  Among the write-ins, my favorite was “Speedo… but your Jewish name is Mr. Irving”



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  1. The weather channel unilaterally started naming snowstorms this year. The national weather service refuses to go along.

    Editor’s response: Hmmm, very interesting. Considering the fact that the NWS is an official government agency I’ll go with them. Nemo Shmemo.


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