Issue 18: What’s New

June 12, 2011

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Thanks to the wonders of modern technology (what a timeless and tired phrase that is) this What’s New page is coming to you from the middle of the LI Sound. I’m sitting here on the Cross Sound Ferry looking out at that incredible view above, heading towards Orient Point en route home from an outing in CT… and am on-line, typing directly onto my blog site from my Blackberry and snapping photos (very smart phone indeed!)  Turns out I can compose, upload files, edit, respond to comments, etc. from anywhere Verizon’s network will reach. Way cool – Thanks WordPress

Issue 18   sails a bit beyond the typical Opinion8ed2 horizon with my first sports commentary – well more like a rant over Mets owner Fred Wilpon’s unfortunate comments published in the New Yorker.  Grab some peanuts and a bottle of beer and tune in to Filling the Steinbrenner Void.

Fortunately for music lovers most musicians rely on periodically going on tour to expand their audience and supplement their income. I’ve been fortunate to have seen a truckload of live music recently so this issue Opinion8ed2 goes on tour, reviewing concerts in three cities.  Roll up for the Three City Magical Musical Tour in New York, New Orleans and Bay Shore.  Then you can listen to and watch each of the featured artists at: Magical Musical Tour Sampler.

Let the Great World Spin, the latest novel by Colin McCann starts with an actual moment in 1974 that not only focuses the attention of the world but links the lives of disparate characters in ways that are not immediately apparent.

Emergency life vests are located in the rear cabin. 

Your editor, publisher, and first mate,


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