Issue 9: What’s New

First Posted: January 24, 2010


Hi Folks, It’s been quite some time (3 months but who’s counting) since the last issue of Opinion8ed hit the etherstreets. Lots of stuff at the day job to keep me busy, holiday distractions, frustration bordering on depression watching the positive energy following Obama’s victory slowly erode while the Democrats fumble the ball on each possession (can this really be happening?), watched a good friend slowly succomb to the ravages of cancer and I guess I just plain needed a break. But I’m back with Issue 9 which, as usual contains a broad range of things political and cultural:

· Albany’s Dysfunctional Soup: We Need a Recipe for Change – A review of just how broken the NYS legislature has become. Finally, a candidate who wants to fight corruption and represent our interests and not the wealthy Wall St. and banking lobbies has stepped up to the plate.

· Actor and painter, Zero Mostel comes alive again for one last interview in the off- Broadway production of Zero Hour, giving us a personal look inside a sad chapter in our history.

· The Crooked Road Leads to Brookhaven National Lab: A group of traditional Apalachian musicians from the southwestern Virginia region known as The Crooked Road are heading north and will be sharing a bit of their special music and culture. I’ve seen them perform before and if you are in the area, don’t miss this show. Special guest appearance by Jonny and the Jambusters (see Opinion8ed review)

· A few words about my friend Lew Romagnano who was a leading professor of math education and touched many lives personally and professionally but left us Way Too Soon.

· As many of you know, I grew up about 50 yards from the ocean in Long Beach, NY and I have many fond memories of the surf, the beach, and the boardwalk which set the town apart from most. My friend Andy who has also moved away clearly shares those fond memories through this video montage Under the Boardwalk, set to music by his band, Third Time Through.

Hope you enjoy this issue and as usual, comments and feedback are welcome:



NEWS FLASH! Thanks to modern technology several letters (emails actually) received after Issue #9, #9, #9 was published have been included in the Emails to the Editor section(now known as The Approximate Blog)

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