Issue 71

Dear Nancy Pelosi,

Remember when POTUS bragged he could shoot someone on 5th Ave and get away with it? Somehow that just got added to the list of vulgarities we have come to accept as the new normal from this man. Just one more outrage from the proud pussy grabbing racist and white supremacist who sought and encouraged illegal interference in our elections by the Russians.

But since that outrageous and unthinkable tirade, the SOB has stood in plain sight on Pennsylvania Ave and in a destructive fury the likes of which we’ve never witnessed, he has taken a chain saw to our Democracy.  It’s hemorrhaging from multiple wounds on the intensive care ward in critical condition and it’s not clear how much of the damage is irreparable.  And if the GOP has their way, we’ll be stuck with the health care bills to boot.

We have come to think that somehow American democracy is invincible and cannot be damaged. Nothing could be further from the truth. And amidst the daily barrage of lies from the narcissist in Chief, even the concept of Truth itself falls victim.


Jerry Nadler, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee is holding POTUS feet to the fire

Even scarier, the perp is still on the loose wrecking more havoc and carnage every day.  He is now refusing to cooperate with your colleagues in Congress as they exercise their Constitutional oversight over the Executive branch. Despite the lies he and Attorney General Barr spouted claiming Mueller exonerated him, Mueller cited 11 different instances of potential obstruction of justice that we know about (more may be revealed in redacted sections).

Not all Democrats are as tone deaf as the leadership establishment seems to be.  Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen said President Clinton faced impeachment “over sex” while Trump is “raping the country.” Congressman Chris Coons said today, that even the Republicans are privately saying special counsel Robert Mueller’s report details that President Trump engaged in obstruction of justice:

” Those who have read the Mueller report cannot avoid the conclusion that the President and some of his absolutely poor advisers engaged in profoundly disappointing, reprehensible conduct that would rise to the level of obstruction of justice if he were anyone other than the President.” 

And even one GOP congressman, Justin Amash has openly called for impeachment hearings.  Yet in the face of continued evidence of his culpability, POTUS continues to openly obstruct justice, flaunting his power over his lackeys Barr, McConnell, and Graham and telling potential witnesses to ignore subpoenas from Congress to testify under oath.

Michael Cohen, once one of DJT’s closest advisers testified that he fears POTUS will not willingly and peacefully hand off the duties of President, and if he’s correct, democracy itself is in real peril. The drum beats of fascism once in the distance are now beginning to shake the ground and rattle the walls.

Forget whether impeachment is politically expedient for the moment.  Just think about what kind of precedent is being set by not challenging this blatant behavior .  If Congress abrogates its constitutional responsibilities and the GOP continues to stack the judiciary with right wing sympathizers, the checks and balances that keep democracy healthy are gone.

It’s time to show POTUS and his GOP enablers that the Democratic Party will not abide. We cannot stand idle, bare witness to this criminal behavior and meekly say we will vote him out. We cannot pretend it’s political business as usual and that we don’t want to rile up his base, so we will turn the other cheek and wait him out.

It’s time to let POTUS know justice will prevail.  Nancy, please do your job or get the hell out of the way.

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