Issue 29: What’s New

MARTIN-No more hurting

Martin Richard spoke for us all

Published May 13, 2013 

Another long-delayed issue of Opinion8ed for your consideration… in case you were concerned, my health has been fine…and no, I have not been sitting by the beach sipping mojitos (except for a brief visit to my sister and brother-in-law’s Florida get-away)…of course our new grandchild has been an indescribably  joyous distraction but mostly it’s been work that has kept my attentions diverted from these pages lo these many months as my colleagues at BNL and I prepare for a really challenging and high-profile field study in NYC.  The Subway-Surface Air Flow Exchange (S-SAFE) project is designed to assist emergency management and response in the event of a release of toxic materials in NYC.  The story was widely covered in the media (including an interview in the NYT) following the press release a few weeks ago.

NYT headline (horiz)

Click on headline above to see NY Times story

But I didn’t totally drop the ball so…  Herein (Issue 29) you’ll find:

  • Russ & Daughters storefrontFollowing up last issue’s special on bialys is a review of  Russ & Daughters, the story of the venerable NY institution and fourth generation family owned and operated business and the place for Jewish appetizer on the Lower East Side. In his recently published book of the same name, author Mark Russ Federman tells the history of the family business and how he gave up a successful law practice to take over.  Check out Movin’ On Down to the Lower East Side and the song inspired by (and to the tune of) the theme for the TV show The Jeffersons, Movin’ On Up.
  • Jack GuilfordNext up, La Ruta and Finks are two plays on very different topics but both are reminders of the potential impact of good political theater:  Political Theater is Alive and Well on Off-Broadway 

No Op Ed this time but just one quick thought…what does it say about our nation when 90% of us are sick of gun violence and at a bare minimum want at least stricter background checks yet congress can’t vote their way out of a paper bag on this issue?  Really?




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  1. Paul,

    I just read and enjoyed your blog review of my book (Russ & Daughters). You get it. Thanks.

    I am planning to break bread (or bagels) with your brother Bob. Perhaps you would like to join.

    Mark Russ Federman, HME (Herring Mayven Emeritus)

    Editor’s response: Thanks Mark, It was a labor of love, as was I’m sure your career as the Herring Maven First Class. I’d be honored to break bagels with you and Bob (especially if it includes some appetizer from Russ & Daughters!)… if only I could get some Farm & Sparrow bialys for you to taste (see blog in Issue 27) – I recently had 3 dozen shipped overnight from Asheville but the clowns at FedEx didn’t deliver them until they were 3 days old. Needless to say they were not at their best, yet still quite delectable… but as the 2000 Yr Old Man says, “I’d rather have a stale bialy from Farm & Sparrow than a fresh plum.” And perhaps we can also do an egg cream faceoff


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