Issue 30: What’s New


Published Oct. 24, 2013


Buongiorno, greetings from Siracusa, IT where we are enjoying this wonderful view of the sea as part of a relaxing two-week adventure in Sicily.

I know it’s been quite some time since the last issue – Now that the field work for our large project in NYC is complete I’ve had a bit more time on my hands… but have filled most of that with a new challenge, i.e., seeing whether I can write something more substantial than a blog.  So, in addition to the usual fare such as political commentary (how could I avoid discussing the government shutdown crisis?) and a review of Regina Calcaterra’s courageous memoir, this issue features Chapter One of a novel that I am attempting to write (!)

Tour of this Issue:

The Government Shutdown: Modern day Fort Sumter?

You know you just can’t make this shit up when John Stuart said he might as well just give his writers the week off while he reads the news.  You don’t know whether to laugh, cry or scream at the top of your lungs.  The Tea Party minority in the Republican Party claim the fight was over ObamaCare, but their willingness to hold the U.S. and world economies hostage is a clear sign of something a lot more sinister.

Etched In Sand: Book Review

Regina Calcaterra bravely recounts the story of her youth as an abused, oftentimes homeless child growing up in middle class Suffolk County, NY.  She and her siblings struggle for survival in and out of foster homes and with their troubled mother, but always try to look out for each other and provide support.  This NY Times Bestseller is not an easy journey but one it’s important to make.

Happy Smith Goes to Brooklyn: Chapter One

This is  the working title for the book which was inspired by a baseball card exhibit at the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art that included Happy Smith, who played one short season for the Brooklyn Superbas.  So, while many of the characters are real the story is not.  The book takes place during one single at bat at the end of the 1910 baseball season and Chapter One sets the stage. Hope you enjoy it – so far it’s been fun…

Happy trails.  Arrivederci,



Terrace in Siracusa

Opinion8ed2 Editor hard at work

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