Issue 31: What’s New

Plunging into 2014

santa takes a dip

After completing his appointed rounds Santa enjoys some relaxation and joins the Polar Bears dip at Coney Island. Air temp was a balmy (for him) 31 F and the water 41 F

Back from vacation and plunged back into life in the real world…which was a quite a shock but not nearly as much as experienced by  the Coney Island Polar Bears club and the 2500 brave souls who joined them in their annual New Year’s Day dip in the Atlantic Ocean.  This year marked the 110th anniversary of this wintertime ritual and the 61st consecutive year I was not among the participants.  Perhaps next year…

While I wasn’t taking a dip in the ocean, the brief hiatus over the holidays did allow time to get some writing done and another issue of Opinion8ed2 is being wrapped for delivery.

This issue features:

Inside Llewyn Davis posterThe latest Coen brothers movie Inside Llewyn Davis and several recent video documentaries (Another Day, Another Time and the Big Easy Express) have shone a little light on the new generation of folk musicians who are carrying the torch of The New Folk Music Revival Another generation of troubadours from across the globe has embraced and breathed new life into American roots music, which in turn is based on the diverse cultural influences that have been imported to our shores. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine…

diatomoaceousLilibot Design is the quirky name for the creative, oftentimes whimsical, museum quality pieces of decoupage art Sue Evans crafts from discarded objects that masquerade as functional household objects such as serving trays, tissue box holders,  jewelery cabinets, etc.  Her work, which is truly original and amazingly affordable, is Re-imagining Traditional Art Form and Function.  After reading the review you’ll want to check out her web site.

As I try to do whenever possible, I followed up the story with An Interview with Lilibot Design Creator, Sue Evans.   Check out the back story on how she came to this off-beat craft and how she uses digital art to expand the possibilities.

Catch you later on down the trail…

The Dude abides.


To whet your appetite, check out this trailer for the movie, Big Easy Express:

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    Editor’s response: Hi G and S, Nice to see that you’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of new issues… but Issue 31 is the most current. While I send email notification out to those on my contact list whenever a new edition hits the interweb, you can always go back and check for new comments and discussions that others have sent in. For example, one comment was an absolute rave of the work of that great decoupage artist…


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