Issue 24: What’s New

Published: April 15, 2012

Opinion8ed2 editorial staff hard at work *

After a more extended hiatus than usual Opinion8ed2 is back with another eclectic series of posts so welcome aboard.

This issue of Opinion8ed2 is dedicated to the memory of our friend Jack Schwartz who died suddenly and unexpectedly this past month.  He was loved by many as evidenced by the hundreds who came to celebrate his life in a service organized by his family and friends overlooking the Long Island Sound at sunset.  What better way to pay our respects to this man of the sea.  Jack, we’ll miss you.  For more. see Jack’s Big Meal.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been shocked with how far the conservative movement has shifted the political discussion of late – so much so that we’re re-visiting battles that have long since been settled.  And by simply talking about it, their time machine which is permanently set in reverse will take us there… Allen West thinks 78 – 81 congressmen are members of the Communist Party?  Did he seriously say that?  The Tale of Two Countries is an observation of the current state of affairs.

The Holocaust is a challenging backdrop for a novel and even more so as the setting for a love story.  But in her new well-crafted novel, The Lost Wife, author Alyson Richman takes us on a journey as a newly married couple are separated by the circumstances of WWII and presume each other to have died only to re-discover each other years later.

The Art of Eating (Part V) takes us to a bistro off the beaten path overlooking the Wading River Duck Pond for a pricey but memorable meal.

The last portion of this issue’s journey is another kind of time traveling adventure…The Working Theater gets an A+ for effort and B- for execution of their latest production called Call me Waldo  in which the protagonist channels the wisdom and persona of American philosopher/poet  Ralph Waldo Emerson.

* Thanks to ELM for this graphic

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  1. Paul, Issue 24 is the best yet. Shirl

    Editor’s response: Thanks Shirley, your check is in the mail


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