Issue 36: What’s New

Published December 27, 2014

Best Wishes for Peace and Justice in 2015 

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memorial to NYPD officersThis week’s unprovoked, indiscriminate murder of two NYC police officers by a deranged gunman was sickening and was another reminder just how easy it is to commit such crimes in our gun-infested society.  But worse, with his pseudo-political tweets, the lone psychopath provided an easy target for right wingers to indict the growing movement against racist police tactics that has emerged in response to recent events.  Reflect with me on Ambushing the Movement for Racial Justice.

brooklyn superbas happy smith baseball cardIn the latest instalment of Happy Smith Goes to Brooklyn, Henry makes his way over the Brooklyn Bridge to Fanny Goldfarb’s boarding house in Park Slope where he will be staying, a short walk from the Superba’s Washington Park.  Tomorrow he’s to report for Spring Training try-outs but in the meanwhile settles in with a home-cooked meal and meets the other boarders.  Talk of Houdini’s latest escape provides a diversion from the nervous butterflies he’s feeling.  Click here for Chapter 4: Fanny’s Place.

caveman-cartoon-characterThe Gadget Guru makes a return appearance this issue to discuss the first truly new way to dry clothing in over 100 years.  Manufacturers are adopting the use of heat pump technology (similar to your air conditioner) in order to accomplish this feat, lowering energy consumption and extending the life of your clothing at the same time.  Read about the Tesla and Prius of clothes dryers in Gadget Guru Review No. 4.

While talking with a member of the younger generation the other day, I used the phrase, “from soup to nuts” in passing.  Having not heard that particular idiomatic expression before, his response was Huh?  This got me thinking of all the idioms and phrases that make their way into our daily conversations, which on the surface have little or no literal meaning but through conventional usage have specific meaning… So I decided to have another Opinion8ed2 contest, entitled The Dumbest Phrase in the English Language, aka The Idiotic Idiom Contest.  Please scroll down and use the form below to send in your vote and rationale.  The winner will be selected by the Opinion8ed2 staff and will receive a prize in the mail.


Idiotic Idiom Contest



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