Issue 20: What’s New

Published September 19, 2011

New office of Opinion8ed2

Some of you know that we recently invested all the profits from the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Opinion8ed2 Publishing Inc. and purchased a studio apartment in NYC.  Since much of the fodder for this blog is based in the city, I plan to talk with my financial advisor about writing off the whole thing as a business expense.  Well maybe not the whole thing… two-thirds of this current issue is NYC-based, so perhaps 66% of the investment.  Sorry I couldn’t talk about the sale in prior issues as I’m sure many of you would have liquidated assets to get in on the deal… but unlike other media outlets in the news lately for unscrupulous behaviour, we do have our standards.

View of the original High Line tracks

It didn’t take long to discover and fall in love with the new neighborhood.  Restaurants, coffee shops, the scenic Hudson River Park and NY’s latest piece de resistance resurrected from a crumbling industrial rail spur…Take a stroll with me Back on the High Line Again (and again).

After the first issue of Opinion8ed hit the electronic newsstands my cousin Peter suggested I get in on the restaurant review business.  I like to eat and know how to type full sentences so it sounded like a great idea – I’m just surprised this issue contains just the second restaurant review in 2.5 yrs.  And with the all the extra meals that we will be consuming in NY restaurants as part-time residents, I plan to rectify that and make this a regular feature!  Having said that, travel with us to Havana and sample some Gourmet Cuban Comfort Food.

The Tea Baggers are closing in on their wholesale take-over of the Republican party just in time for the 2012 election season.  While I once wrote them off as a bunch of extremist lunatics with no hope of gaining serious power, the situation is looking more ominous.  You may be disappointed in President Obama but it’s  Time for a Reality Check to evaluate the various “what if” scenarios for the next election.

Happy trails and keep your cards and comments coming.


ps: After reading the last issue Eileen sent in a comment about The Help which inspired me to publish a response as a special edition one page Issue 19.5 to seek other opinions.  If you haven’t already done so, check out her comment and Special Issue 19.5

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  1. Love the restaurant review – reading was almost as good as eating! For me,that is saying a lot. Will wait til later in the day to tackle the tea party …. thanks for the news.
    Editor’s response: Thanks Mary, Less calories than eating too.


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