Issue 12: What’s New

First Posted: October 29 2010

Pot of Gold at the End of the Internet Rainbow

 Welcome to Opinion8ed’s Issue No. 12…

This time around there’s the usual assortment of political, social, and cultural commentary with a healthy portion of miscellaneous musing mixed in but as I sit here just five days out from the mid-term election, perhaps the most significant turning point in American politics in recent memory, I can’t get my mind off the many potential scenarios we face on November 3. The extremist Tea Party controlled Republican Party has whipped up the political climate, injected it with fear, pledged to revoke progressive legislation accomplished under President Obama’s first two years and threatens to bring the second half of Obama’s first term to a screeching halt. They speak with one voice when they say they do not plan to compromise knowing full well that will create complete gridlock and will then turn around and blame the Democrats for not getting anything done. You can’t make this stuff up. Read more on this if you can stomach it in, What’s On the Menu for the Tea Party?

This issue’s theatrical double header turned out to be (quite by accident) an excellent thematic juxtaposition. David Mamet’s A Life in the Theatre is the story of two alienated actors who can’t find the art in their work while Lee Hall’s Pitmen Painters tells the true and inspiring story of a group of workers who find art: Art for Art’s Sake.

On a lighter note, I encountered a new-old technique for creating product loyatly, i.e., saving bonus points which can then be cashed in for a Pot of Gold at the End of the Internet Rainbow. Reminiscent of the days when I agonized over wheter to spend my hard earned coupons from the boardwalk Skee Ball concession right away on a set of jacks or save them for something more substantial like a water pistol. I never seemed to have enough for anything of real value like a baseball glove or bat.

This past month we saw a rash of suicides by gay teens after being taunted and bullied. While this has been a tragic and somber wakeup call, it has also led to an outpouring of positive support with the theme, “It Gets Better”

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Finally, this issue is featuring a contest for the best caption to the photograph shown above. Send your entries to Entries will be judged by a panel of experts and all decisions are final. The winner will be announced in the next issue.

Read up and then go vote and as always, keep your cards and emails coming. Don’t forget to stop by the Emails to the Editor store before returning home

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