Sting’s Last Ship Sets Sail for Broadway

Sting's new musical, The Last Ship

Sting’s new musical, The Last Ship

We recently saw a Sting concert on PBS Great Performances (keep an eye out for a repeat broadcast) in which he sang the tunes from his first musical “The Last Ship,” scheduled to open on Broadway this fall. It is set in his hometown of Wallsend, outside of Newcastle in northern England.

The music was fabulous – Sting demonstrates a natural talent for setting stories into motion through his songs. While it was a concert and not a theatrical production, Sting was joined by several cast and orchestra members and was able to evoke much of the feeling inherent in the story of his working class home town… a town where he grew up literally in the shadows of huge iron ships being built just down the street; a town where virtually everyone was connected in some way to the industry that sustained  it.  There were great expectations to continue the town’s traditions.  Fathers handed down their skills and fully expected their sons to follow in their footsteps. One tune called Dead Man’s Boots spells this out clearly, including how Sting could not abide:

“These dead man’s boots know their way down the hill,

They can walk there themselves and they most likely will,

But they won’t walk with me ‘cos I’m off the other way,

I’ve had it up to here, I’m gonna have my say.”

Can’t wait to see the production at the Neil Simon Theatre where previews start Sept. 29, 2014.  Discount tickets are available using the Code: Mail1.


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