Odds and Ends

odds and ends: (noun, plural):

miscellaneous remnants or leftovers.

The first official odds and ends were found in lumberyards—odds were pieces of board split irregularly by the sawmill, ends were pieces trimmed from boards that were cut to specific lengths.

Merriam -Webster.com and Thefreedictionary.com

The Kleenex Conundrum

Kleenex boxWho decided to put 84 tissues in the Kleenex Expressions box – why not 80 or 85?  Is that precisely the amount that can be put in the box and still allow the tissues to pop-up as you pull them out? Is that the fewest number of tissues that can be packed in so that the box still appears to be full? Did they design the optimal box size first (in terms of how it fits on an average night stand or how many boxes fit on a supermarket shelf)?  What sort of questions do the full-time Kleenex Customer Service staff at the toll-free number printed on the side of the box typically answer?

The Who Put the Queen Inside my Laptop Contest

I pulled out my laptop the other day and before switching it on noticed an unusual sound rattling around inside.  As I moved it from side to side it felt like a part had come loose and was moving around inside.  Perhaps the round nickel metal hydride clock battery that allows the computer to keep track of the time and date even when it’s turned off had broken free and was dancing around.  Next thing I know out pops a shiny 1996 Canadian dollar coin from a slot on the side of the computer where you might imagine change would be dispensed if my laptop were coin operated. I shit you not and have included the attached photo as proof.

coin return 2So now I have a serious mystery on my hands. I’ve had this Lenovo computer (made in China) for about 2 years and the last time I was in Canada was 1991.  If it were a Canadian penny I’d suspect it was part of a government plan to dispose of the now worthless coins… but a dollar?

Please submit your theories on how Queen Elizabeth wound up inside my computer using the comment form below.  Contest winner will be announced in the next issue of Opinion8ed2.  First prize: $1 (Canadian)


This just in…

What do you call a Pope who has resigned from office?

Ex Benedict

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