Hey Kids – Stop Eating the Artwork!

Artist/Sculptor Judith G. Klausner uses unique materials to explore provocative themes and the “small beauty lost to us through prejudice or oversight”

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They are so unusual, when you see Judith G. Klausner’s innovative sculptures for the first time it’s hard to determine which aspect is most appealing:

  •  exploration of their unusual subject matter, e.g., a Rhinoceros Beetle with a Kafkaesque human face which explores our penchant to anthropomorphize all we encounter;  Another piece entitled, Off With Their Heads is inspired by the ritual decapitation of the male Praying Mantis mid-coitus by his female partner in one of Nature’s more bizarre facts of life .
  • examination of the world of the small, e.g., The Birds and the Bees is a tiny hummingbird created using honeybee and cicada wings; or
  • the use of novel materials, e.g., Tooth and Nail is a tiny bouquet of flowers created using human nail clippings and baby teeth.

Each of her small sculptures combines these unusual traits in an artistically and intellectually provocative manner. Just when you’re thinking, what could she possibly come up with next, Klausner answers with food art in the form of intricate cameos carved from the icing in Oreo cookies and needlepoint samplers made from Chex cereal.

Klausner has been gaining much deserved recognition of late with stories and interviews in Harper’s magazine, various art world web blogs, on NPR’s Here and Now, – plus inclusion in a number of galleries and at the opening of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts “Art of the Americas” wing. This year she received a Somerville, MA Arts Council Fellowship Grant.

It’s hard to appreciate the scale without seeing her pieces live but you can see photos of her work in the slide show above and on her two well-crafted web sites. The first is entitled The Rogue Entomologist: Making things out of bugs, and bugs out of things (http://rogueentomologist.blogspot.com/) which features not only her art but some really interesting writings including several intriguing essays on Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. Her second site (http://www.jgklausner.com) presents her complete portfolio and various news items related to her work.

Thanks to the wonders of electronic media Opinion8ed2 caught up with Judith to ask her about her unique sculptures.  Check out our exclusive interview by clicking on: Artist/Sculptor Judith G. Klausner Speaks with Opinion8ed2.



Judith has been voted as a finalist in an on-line competition on The Future of the City that challenged artists with the question, “How can we come together?” in which they submitted their art and accompanying text.

There is a significant cash prize for the winner, so Opinion8ed2 strongly urges you to click here (Future of the City Competition ),and vote for Judith (before the end of Jan.),  then spread the word!


Photos of Oreos and Chex by Steve Pomeroy

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