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Egg in the _ _ _ _ _ _

There are a quite a few ways to cook an egg…certainly everybody’s familiar with  scrambled, sunny side, over easy, poached, boiled (hard or soft), Benedict, omlettes, crepes, quiches, a whole range of fill-in-the-blank and eggs, deviled, Mexican favorites like huevos rancheros and breakfast burritos, frittatas… I like just about all of these varieties but one of my all-time favorite egg dishes is one that goes by multiple names including Rocky Mountain toast, Cowboy Eggs, Bull’s Eye Eggs but in my house simply as Egg In the Basket. 
 This dish was passed down through the generations in my family and was always a special treat for a leisurely weekend breakfast.  To my great surprise some good friends of ours recently revealed that not only had they never tasted Egg in the Basket but had never heard of it by any of its varied and sundry names.  That was the inspiration for including the recipe – the easy step-by-step slide show format was my son’s idea.  Hope it inspires you to enjoy some soon. 

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  1. I forgot where I got that recipe from! But, I never made it with rye bread. I’ll have to try that.

    Editor’s response: I believe it may have been passed down by your brother after the famous bike tour of 1969 where we spent the summer cooking these things on the world’s smallest camp stove (Svea). Any type of bread works fine but rye, pumpernickel or jalepeno cheese bread are especially tasty.


  2. I learned how to make this delicious dish from the master himself… Chef Paul K. This is one of the many useful skills I brought home from our summer of ’69 bike trip.

    Reply from Chef Paul: Indeed…This recipe tastes best when cooked over a campfire or camp stove


  3. Mmmmm, Aeropress espresso and cowboy eggs. Home fries, please.

    Waiter: OK, you got it…One John Wayne with fries and a Press to go!


  4. Hi, Paul, and thanks so much for keeping in touch.

    I remember these. I was first introduced to them as a child at (Methodist) Summer Camp in Greenport. We called them a Hole-in-One. As I remember, Jesse really liked them as a kid, too. I may have to make one for lunch!


  5. Paul,

    Ahhhh–I remember it well. And I/we called it Egg(s) in the Basket.
    Thanks for bringing the memories back.

    Ellen H.


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