Restoring the Nest Egg

The Real (?) Story Behind Opinion8ed

I struggled with the intro (About Opinion8ed2) trying to come up with something that sounded like a reasonable explanation for this site, but after reflection I’ve decided that I have to come clean and reveal the real reason behind all this. Following the loss of our life’s savings in Madoff, Terry and I set out to plan how to move forward. We are after all, fortunate enough to be in good health and have a few years to try and rebuild our modest nest egg before retiring. So we began to run through the alternatives that may be available to us. Terry has honed her skills on Ebay and will sell off item by item to the highest bidder the 35+ years of crap that is our basement. I’m trying to convince her to branch out into knitting and marketing kitchen appliance cozies but she’s not keen on that one (yet).

I thought of taking on a paper route – I could use the exercise riding my bike each day or maybe selling newspaper subscriptions (as a kid I won a football for signing up some poor suckers to that conservative rag known as the Long Island Press –I can still remember my parents’ agita in discussing whether to let me participate or not)… but in their current state of decline I don’t think the newspapers are hiring. While in that frame of mind I also thought about putting a sign on my lawn to sell lattes since I have some modicum of skill in that area and prior experience peddling lemonade as a kid but in the current economy I think I missed my big opportunity, i.e., no one can afford lattes and Starbucks is shutting their doors left and right.

The eggs in the nest turned out to be about as valuable as these...

The other day I read about (in one of those newspapers in decline) a teenager who is raking in big bucks (thousands per month) hawking YouTube videos on the internet. My lack of skills in this area has already been established but it did get me thinking. Around the same time, my friend Andy who you met in About Opinion8ed2, described this on- line publishing scheme in which you can make big bucks if you’re willing to tolerate ads on your site and people actually click on them. Terry and I almost never watch live TV anymore – everything gets recorded on the DVR so we can fly through the commercials and focus on what we’re actually watching – so I figure the chances of the latter are really pretty slim but hey, ya never know.

OK, now you have the whole story. We’ll see how long this thing lasts and how soon the nest egg for retirement is restored. So, happy reading and get back to Opinion8ed with your comments.

PS: After making about $0,12 on the Google Ads I eventually decided the blog was not going to provide the returns I had hoped for, but by that time I was hooked and decided to keep publishing for fun rather than profit.  Eventually the site was moved over to (where you are currently reading this second generation of Opinion8ed) which discourages the inclusion of Google ads.

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